“Preach the gospel to your weary heart, daily. When in doubt, when in seasons of sorrow, and when you have nothing left! Speak the truth of God to the parts of your life that need to be resurrected, for when we shine a light the darkness must flee.

Beloved, whatever stage of life we are at, we have but to whisper and the King will listen. Do you not know? He is always present, and our very heartbeat is a delight to Him.”

T.B. LaBerge’s words of wisdom


“Don’t let pride take a hold of you. It festers the soul. Pray. Ask God to help you love like Him. Care like Him. Forgive like Him. Be like Him. Pray that. Nowadays, people post what they want others to do. They become selfish and forget to pray for themselves. Pray for others but pray for yourself that you become more like Christ.”


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