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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

This whole time I thought I posted this.

It is always interesting to watch how the world celebrates the new year. Isn’t it fascinating that the we do not ring the new year all at once, at the same time? People uploaded photos of delicious food, their OOTD, their houses adorned with NYE decorations, “2017” sunglasses, supplies they spent a good amount of money on, and crazy videos of the countdown – with a lot of hashtags I did not bother to read. haha! A lot of people posted on Facebook how ready they’re for 2017, how it’s going to be the best year -I applaud you for being positive. Some remembered 2016 as a great year -I am happy that you had a great year. A few thanked the things they experienced last year -the good and the bad (a thankful hear is good medicine). Others complained how 2016 sucked. If I were to post what was on my mind, I would have written the latter. I would not even include myself to the few who were thankful. It was not a great year for me. I did not enjoy 2016 because I did not choose to enjoy it. My heart was not grateful. I was miserable. My walk with God became stagnant. I did not invest in people. I was not myself. Thankfully, God is  ALWAYS gracious to this Filipina.

-i just touched the screen and scrolled up thinking it was an iPad. haha-

I decided to take a break from social media – Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been spending a lot of time going out with my parents, reading books, exercising, and editing videos. The unplugging is helping me a lot and I’ve got joy down in my heart.

The thing is, I want my heart to be freed of bitterness and be ruled by gratitude. To be thankful was something I did not do. I probably complained a lot about what happened in 2016 (and 2015). I got busy preventing those things to never happen again because it hurt like crazy. The walls I built made me happy, but they did not make me feel fulfilled. I was afraid to let new people into my life, into my heart. I became hesitant to share details of my life. But I remember the beauty of being vulnerable. My prayer this year is to be able to invest genuinely in people like how I used to. I want to meet new friends. First and foremost, to thank God for every relationship He gives me. I want to be thankful for what it brings me – joy and heartache.

When we focus on the bitter things in life, we won’t be able to taste the sweetness it also has. I am better now. Thank you to my support system – the ones who experienced the not so good side of me: my parents. Thank you, LORD, for your abounding grace and mercy.

I want to give thanks FOR EVERYTHING.

In Christ, Isha



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Anticipate! Expect!


the dictionary gives me the meaning of Advent (Latin word of coming): the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. For the Christians, it is the coming or second coming of Christ.  When someone or something is referred to as notable it is worthy of attention. The person is important. VIP! Jesus is the real celebrity of Advent. The synonyms of the word notable – noun and adjective – describe Him.

Waiting. We wait in line. We wait for the next time we see our friends. We wait for a package. We wait for a breakthrough. We wait for a text. We await the birth of Immanuel. We wait for His second arrival. We are expecting. We are anticipating.

Today is the 3rd day of Advent. I’m currently following Shereadstruth.com study book. This is my first time to celebrate it. I grew up in a Baptist church that didn’t follow this tradition.
(I thought only the Catholics do this to be honest.). But I am loving this observation of Advent. I’m taking my time reading the verses (following Shereadstruth.com given verses) . I visualize the scenes . I soak myself up in the Scripture to better understand what’s happening. Doing this has helped me sit back and forget the cares of this world. To stop the worry and sweat. It is teaching me to be patient with myself, with His plan for me  and the most important thing, patiently waiting for His second coming. Advent is greatly benefiting me. I know God speaks to me and in this season I hear Him clearly.

I thank Shereadstruth.com for the Advent meditations. The tgc.org and desiringgod.org for giving me a better understanding of celebrating Advent.

I hope you consider joining the celebration of Advent. 🙂

// Ishael

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The Sunday Currently // 08


Sipping a cup of hot chocolate. I can feel the winter breeze. There will be some falling of snow soon…

I was the Sunday school teacher today. Funny story, I had been praying this whole week  for a story to teach and couldn’t think of one. I always ask the LORD for His Spirit to give me wisdom. He gave an answer 45 minutes before the Sunday school class started. He works that way and I’ve learned to trust His perfect timing. The kids are knowledgable of the story of Jesus birth. They know that an angel named Gabriel appeared to Joseph; and the wisemen that came from afar. The angel they know did not only appear to Joseph but also to a priest named Zacharias. Honestly, I had forgotten this miraculous story of Zacharias and Elizabeth. Gabriel gave Zacharias an amazing news. He and his wife would have a child. They called him John. He is Jesus cousin and the one who baptized him. 

So, here’s volume 8. Currently…

READING: a tutorial on hellobrio.com’s blog. Thank God for the people who do tutorials. They are very helpful.

WRITING: and editing a post about long distance relationship. I hope to publish it soon.

LISTENING: to Christmas songs.

THINKING: of taking my handlettering seriously and maybe having a future business doing it.

SMELLING: Yankee candle firewood scent. We are buying a Christmas tree tomorrow. A fresh one. I can’t wait to smell it’s scent. I was never a fan of anything artificial.

WISHING: to get tickets to see the Rockets at Radio City Hall. My wedding anniversary gift for my parents.

WEARING: shirt and pjs.

LOVING: the Sunday school with the kids this morning. We danced to Christmas songs. And I had them guess my age. One said 17 and another girl said 33. Hahahaha!

WANTING: to buy a new MacBook Pro before the Spring semester. (need)

FEELING: excited. I’m learning new things from the tutorials I watch on YouTube. I thought I was good at Illustrator but nah. I can be better. I can be an expert.

CLICKING: through some channels.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Advent starts today. 🙂

// Ishael

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