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Sunday Currently Series

READING: The book called PresenceBRINGING YOUR BOLDEST SELF TO YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES by Amy Cuddy. She is a TED speaker. I really like this book and I recommend it. It has helped me on how to carry myself better.

WRITING: drafts for my upcoming post. It’s gonna be a good one. Hehe. I am actually writing it down on my Moleskin notebook which I have not touched in a really long time. I will then type it and publish it sometime this week.

LISTENING: to Musicbed.com’s Holiday playlist. “It’s Christmas Time (Ba ba) by Quinn Erwin is on repeat right now.

THINKING: of buying a new camera. Thinking of saving up for a new camera. Thinking of the ways on how I could save up for the new camera

WISHING: everyone a Merry Christmas. Or in some parts of the world, I hope everyone had a wonderful time and never forget the meaning of Christmas.

PRAYING: for myself. Haha! Oh man do I need lots of prayers. I feel like I’m going through this alone… Please include me in your prayers. I greatly appreciate it.

WANTING: to go on a vacation. I’m supposed to go to Europe in February, but I currently have no vacation hours so I do not know if I’d be able to go. Vacation is actually a NEED. I am in need of a some time alone. Somewhere.


In Christ, Isha

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Sunday Currently Vol. 11 and Life lately


Snow is currently falling. I’m not going to lie but I did pray for it. Heehee. BUT I hope it stops soon. Haha!

I couldn’t believe that my last post was three weeks ago. I thought I’d be religiously doing the Sunday Currently series. I don’t remember being busy. It’s probably the winter blues that got into me. Im typing this with a runny nose and laryngitis. The flu took me down on Monday and I was out for work for a couple of days. I’m still not a hundred percent better. My doctor didn’t prescribe me any medications but I think I have to go see him again. I will be needing that Ventolin inhaler and Azythromycin for my cough. As for the other happenings in my life, my family lost a few important people in our lives. On January 1st, we heard a devastating news that my Uncle had passed away. An hour after we received that news, we learned that a close friend had lost her battle from cancer. The next day, a good friend had suffered a heart attack and didn’t make it. Mom’s brother is now a quadriplegic after slipping and severing his spinal cord. “How did you feel”, you may ask. Or you may utter words like, “Wow” and “Terrible”. Or you probably cant even react. Well, I faced the latter. It was quite overwhelming. It definitely made me scared, but for a believer like me, death has no victory over me and my family. I have an eternal life. 🙂 Blessed assurance! And I also know that there’s healing in Jesus’ name and I believe that He will heal me from this flu and I will be better by Wednesday. Spring semester starts in 3 days. 

Here’s my Sunday Currently series number 11. 🙂

READING: the book of Galatians from the Bible. The writer is the Apostle Paul. I’m currently on Chapter 5. Paul is telling the Christians to be watchful and not to give in the flesh. He asks them to serve others in love and to keep loving the neighbors. 

WRITING: a short devotional from my Bible reading. God, please breathe on this. Holy Spirit, guide my words.

LISTENING: to Hillsong’s “Touch the Sky”.

THINKING: of my mother. She is not feeling well. I think she got food poisoning. 😦

SMELLING: Vick’s vapoRub. It’s has been my bff since Monday.

WISHING: for a proficient professor for my Mass Media class. I mean, I know that professors are skilled and they wouldn’t get that position if they didn’t pass the qualifications. But sometimes some of them are dragging and monotonous. Some are terror and go overboard with it. I pray for a teacher who is compassionate. Someone that I can approach without any hesitation. He/she loves her job and the students.

HOPING: to register for a class that’s already ‘closed’. I hope one person drops so I can take the class this semester. Be over and done with.

LOVING: my parents and my friends. They are very supportive of me. I’m so grateful!

WANTING: to get that new MacBook soon. Ive never tried Apples credit account but I hope I dont get denied.

FEELING: happy that I got to see my best friends yesterday. Jaytee’s baby boy is now 3 months. I couldn’t go near him because I didn’t want him to get sick. It was nice to catch up with Blessing too. Jaytee prepared us a delicious lunch meal matched with the sweet white wine I brought. We hang around the family room the rest of the afternoon. We were sipping tea and eating chocolate chip cookies. Jay and I taught Bless how to use Snapchat. Hahaha! 

CLICKING: the iPad keyboard. 

***i wish you all a great weak ahead!*** xoxo, Isha

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The Sunday Currently //10


Swatch watch is a Christmas gift from a very good friend. Thank you, Rhea! I love it! 🙂

READING the first book of the Lunar Chronicles series. I wanted to know what the hype is all about. I started reading the sample two weeks ago and finished it the same day. I liked it. The author is a big JRR Tolkien fan. It wasn’t a priority to buy the books even though I’d wanted my hands on them. I was putting aside some money for it. I had mentioned it to Ralph because he’s a bookworm too. I thought maybe he’d enjoy them. 

A package came the day before Christmas. Ralph had gotten me the recently released Lunar Chronicles book – book four: Winter (based on Snow White). I was so happy. I got teary eyed. Hahaha! Today, the rest of the books came -Cinder (loosely based on Cinderella), Scarlet (Little Red Riding hood), and Cress (Rapunzel). I hope they make a movie adaption. He also sent me art tools. I love this man. He knows the way to my heart. Thank you, Ralph. 🙂

WRITING I’m still working on a post about long distance relationship. I didn’t think it would take a lot of drafting. It’s getting there. 

LISTENING to a commentator. I believe he’s a detective. Forensic Files is on. It’s a favorite show of my dad and I. Bonding time.

THINKING how fleeting life is. I just learned about the passing of my friend’s dad. 

SMELLING the aroma of Snowy Pine candle. Rhea had given my parents gifts as well. Smells so good!!!

WISHING that I wasn’t a victim of fraud! I smell something fishy..

HOPING to be able to get into the classes I need for the Spring semester.

WEARING a maroon tank top and pjs.

 LOVING the books I received from my parents and Ralph. I had a four day weekend so that was very nice too.

WANTING to get into the game. I’ve been lazy. No fun. 

NEEDING discipline and determination. 

FEELING content. I had a merry Christmas with my mom and dad.

Have a great week ahead!

// Isha 

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Anticipate! Expect!


the dictionary gives me the meaning of Advent (Latin word of coming): the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. For the Christians, it is the coming or second coming of Christ.  When someone or something is referred to as notable it is worthy of attention. The person is important. VIP! Jesus is the real celebrity of Advent. The synonyms of the word notable – noun and adjective – describe Him.

Waiting. We wait in line. We wait for the next time we see our friends. We wait for a package. We wait for a breakthrough. We wait for a text. We await the birth of Immanuel. We wait for His second arrival. We are expecting. We are anticipating.

Today is the 3rd day of Advent. I’m currently following Shereadstruth.com study book. This is my first time to celebrate it. I grew up in a Baptist church that didn’t follow this tradition.
(I thought only the Catholics do this to be honest.). But I am loving this observation of Advent. I’m taking my time reading the verses (following Shereadstruth.com given verses) . I visualize the scenes . I soak myself up in the Scripture to better understand what’s happening. Doing this has helped me sit back and forget the cares of this world. To stop the worry and sweat. It is teaching me to be patient with myself, with His plan for me  and the most important thing, patiently waiting for His second coming. Advent is greatly benefiting me. I know God speaks to me and in this season I hear Him clearly.

I thank Shereadstruth.com for the Advent meditations. The tgc.org and desiringgod.org for giving me a better understanding of celebrating Advent.

I hope you consider joining the celebration of Advent. 🙂

// Ishael

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The Sunday Currently // 08


Sipping a cup of hot chocolate. I can feel the winter breeze. There will be some falling of snow soon…

I was the Sunday school teacher today. Funny story, I had been praying this whole week  for a story to teach and couldn’t think of one. I always ask the LORD for His Spirit to give me wisdom. He gave an answer 45 minutes before the Sunday school class started. He works that way and I’ve learned to trust His perfect timing. The kids are knowledgable of the story of Jesus birth. They know that an angel named Gabriel appeared to Joseph; and the wisemen that came from afar. The angel they know did not only appear to Joseph but also to a priest named Zacharias. Honestly, I had forgotten this miraculous story of Zacharias and Elizabeth. Gabriel gave Zacharias an amazing news. He and his wife would have a child. They called him John. He is Jesus cousin and the one who baptized him. 

So, here’s volume 8. Currently…

READING: a tutorial on hellobrio.com’s blog. Thank God for the people who do tutorials. They are very helpful.

WRITING: and editing a post about long distance relationship. I hope to publish it soon.

LISTENING: to Christmas songs.

THINKING: of taking my handlettering seriously and maybe having a future business doing it.

SMELLING: Yankee candle firewood scent. We are buying a Christmas tree tomorrow. A fresh one. I can’t wait to smell it’s scent. I was never a fan of anything artificial.

WISHING: to get tickets to see the Rockets at Radio City Hall. My wedding anniversary gift for my parents.

WEARING: shirt and pjs.

LOVING: the Sunday school with the kids this morning. We danced to Christmas songs. And I had them guess my age. One said 17 and another girl said 33. Hahahaha!

WANTING: to buy a new MacBook Pro before the Spring semester. (need)

FEELING: excited. I’m learning new things from the tutorials I watch on YouTube. I thought I was good at Illustrator but nah. I can be better. I can be an expert.

CLICKING: through some channels.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Advent starts today. 🙂

// Ishael

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From me. Not from Adele. Not from Lionel. Haha!

I owe you guys (I’m saying “guys” like I have 100+ followers. Hahaha!) an update. I’m not quite sure if I mentioned that I was going on a vacation (well,it’s staycation.) I didn’t leave New York. We were in NewYork city most of the time but I did take a short trip to NJ. It was quite nice to not go to work but at the same time I missed being told what to do and the craziness of my coworkers. But I needed to be away because it got a little stressful. We all need a few days to relax.

I don’t even know where I should begin with the stories I want to share. I did post photos on Instagram of my whereabouts so if you’re already following me, you know. If not, feel free to add me: yssha.

My time is running out. I still have to get ready for work so I won’t be able to write about my vacation. I’ll do a Flashback Friday tomorrow. 🙂 Be excited! Hehe!

Happy Thursday!

// Ishael


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“There is hope for the helpless, rest for the weary
And love for the broken hearts
There is grace and forgiveness, mercy and healing
He’ll meet you wherever you are.”

Third Day – Cry Out To Jesus Lyrics

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The Sunday Currently //02


Good evening, New York! I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. The plan was to wake up after a half hour from the moment I set up my alarm. It failed. Haha! I’m always excited for Sunday, this is one of the reasons, but the main one is going to church and seeing the kids I teach at Sunday school. Today, It was my schedule to give a lesson. I taugh them about the Full Armor of God. Myself needed that teaching too. I need that armor everyday. Thankful for the Word of God which can stand to anything. Back to this entry. It’s my second one (42nd on my tumblr).

READING: How to’s, What to do’s/not to do’s on writing a paper. Knowing what preposition to use, when to end a subject, how to use the colon : and semi colon; and when to give your reader a pause,

WRITING: well, typing. Hehe. Writing my second entry of TSC. I always look forward to Sunday during the week. 

LISTENING: to Bahala Na by Nadine Lustre and James Reid.

                                      “Nananana nana. Wala akong pake basta bahala na.”

“Bahala na si batman” term before taking a leap of some sort. Haha! I am a fan of the acting of this young love team. I get kilig watching their tv show “On the Wings of Love”. The official soundtrack is sang by Kyla. 

THINKING: if…I should get an iced coffee. Currently craving // of…the fun things to do while Ralph and his friends are here in New York.

SMELLING: the linen and air freshener I got from Aerie. Which reminds me to check if the store still carries it. I hope they haven’t discontinued it. I’ll cry.

 WISHING: that I had gotten to attend Time Square church with my three friends. It would have been a nice night to stroll around the city.

HOPING: to find a production company who is willing to have me asa volunteer. I just want to get out on the field. I mean being in the office building is also fine. I know God will provide. I have been searching. I can’t wait to post about the time I’ll have my first day on set.☺️

WEARING: Aerie pajamas. I love when the holiday season comes because they sell these awesome patchwork plaid pjs. Oh and I am also wearing a shirt. Haha

LOVING: the fact that dad is off today and I had lunch with him and mom. Crispy pata and bulalo #cholesterolpamore. Guys, life is fleeting (especially of you eat fatty foods without moderation. Haha!) I try to leave my phone in my bag when I’m out and have company. It feels weird but I want to be there not just physically but cognitively. Be wise on how you spend time around people. Show respect to them and yourself.

WANTING: a GoPro. I just checked it online. Want or need? Definitely both. #lifeofamediastudent. I shoot videos, edit them, and I also do some photography. I’m always behind the camera. Unless I take a selfie.

 NEEDING: a ME time. To Treat myself for some things I’ve been needing.

 FEELING: hungry. There’s a chalupa waiting for me on the table. I missed dinner because of my three hour hibernation. I’m also feeling some joy and excitement .

 CLICKING: my pen.

No work and school tomorrow. Thanks to Columbus.

// ishael

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