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Sunday Currently Vol. 13

Im taking a 15 minute break from studying for my midterm exam tomorrow.

READING: my textbook Visual Storytelling: Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age

WRITING: a short film. It is for my friends (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Demafiles) Save the Date video and Prenup video. They asked me to be their videographer. It’s all about storytelling.

LISTENING: to Spotify. “Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Maranatha Music is playing. As we sing holy, holy, holy..I want to see you

THINKING: of a concept for the Save the Date. thinking of what lenses to use for the camera. thinking about the bills i have to pay. thinking ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS. haha


THINKING: of the amazing things I experienced the past couple of weeks. God listens. He hears. He inclines His ears to me – to His children. Sometimes I whisper my concerns to Him and I could see Him come closer and say ‘what’s that?’ Haha Like telling me to speak a little louder – with boldness and trust – as if He does not know what Im about to tell him. Oh Lord, you make me speechless.

Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

with Ralph

SMELLING: I currently STILL have a stuffy nose. I had a cold about two weeks ago. I haven’t fully recovered yet. My cough is still lingering. My nose is still clogged.

WISHING: to have a Sony a7sii. Haha! Don’t worry, Canon, my heart is always yours. My mind is just playing and Im playing along.

PRAYING: for a few concerning things: 1. Mommy’s continuous recovery. She had another surgery (two weeks ag0). The surgeon took out a growing cancerous lymph node. You know I don’t like to see any of my parents suffer. The Lord knows how I feel about that and He does give me an assurance that HE IS GOD and THE GREATEST PHYSICIAN. 2. My struggle with jealousy. I wrote a draft about it and one of these days I will published it. 3. My future ( profession and procession – like a bridal march ) *wink*

LOVING: my macbook pro even though I know Apple just released a new one. Loving this Fall season. NOT LOVING my allergy cough.

WANTING: to buy this Edelkrone slider and the GlidecamHD 4000. Why did I choose this profession? Because I want to spend $$$$… Haha!

15 minutes is up. I’m going back to study.

In Christ, Isha



Sunday Currently Vol. 11 and Life lately


Snow is currently falling. I’m not going to lie but I did pray for it. Heehee. BUT I hope it stops soon. Haha!

I couldn’t believe that my last post was three weeks ago. I thought I’d be religiously doing the Sunday Currently series. I don’t remember being busy. It’s probably the winter blues that got into me. Im typing this with a runny nose and laryngitis. The flu took me down on Monday and I was out for work for a couple of days. I’m still not a hundred percent better. My doctor didn’t prescribe me any medications but I think I have to go see him again. I will be needing that Ventolin inhaler and Azythromycin for my cough. As for the other happenings in my life, my family lost a few important people in our lives. On January 1st, we heard a devastating news that my Uncle had passed away. An hour after we received that news, we learned that a close friend had lost her battle from cancer. The next day, a good friend had suffered a heart attack and didn’t make it. Mom’s brother is now a quadriplegic after slipping and severing his spinal cord. “How did you feel”, you may ask. Or you may utter words like, “Wow” and “Terrible”. Or you probably cant even react. Well, I faced the latter. It was quite overwhelming. It definitely made me scared, but for a believer like me, death has no victory over me and my family. I have an eternal life. 🙂 Blessed assurance! And I also know that there’s healing in Jesus’ name and I believe that He will heal me from this flu and I will be better by Wednesday. Spring semester starts in 3 days. 

Here’s my Sunday Currently series number 11. 🙂

READING: the book of Galatians from the Bible. The writer is the Apostle Paul. I’m currently on Chapter 5. Paul is telling the Christians to be watchful and not to give in the flesh. He asks them to serve others in love and to keep loving the neighbors. 

WRITING: a short devotional from my Bible reading. God, please breathe on this. Holy Spirit, guide my words.

LISTENING: to Hillsong’s “Touch the Sky”.

THINKING: of my mother. She is not feeling well. I think she got food poisoning. 😦

SMELLING: Vick’s vapoRub. It’s has been my bff since Monday.

WISHING: for a proficient professor for my Mass Media class. I mean, I know that professors are skilled and they wouldn’t get that position if they didn’t pass the qualifications. But sometimes some of them are dragging and monotonous. Some are terror and go overboard with it. I pray for a teacher who is compassionate. Someone that I can approach without any hesitation. He/she loves her job and the students.

HOPING: to register for a class that’s already ‘closed’. I hope one person drops so I can take the class this semester. Be over and done with.

LOVING: my parents and my friends. They are very supportive of me. I’m so grateful!

WANTING: to get that new MacBook soon. Ive never tried Apples credit account but I hope I dont get denied.

FEELING: happy that I got to see my best friends yesterday. Jaytee’s baby boy is now 3 months. I couldn’t go near him because I didn’t want him to get sick. It was nice to catch up with Blessing too. Jaytee prepared us a delicious lunch meal matched with the sweet white wine I brought. We hang around the family room the rest of the afternoon. We were sipping tea and eating chocolate chip cookies. Jay and I taught Bless how to use Snapchat. Hahaha! 

CLICKING: the iPad keyboard. 

***i wish you all a great weak ahead!*** xoxo, Isha

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