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Sunday Currently

Back to school! My first class started on friday. I also take an online class which started Thursday. I’m happy to be back in school, but at the same time I can’t wait to finish. One more semester!

READING: an article. I need to answer homework questions and get the answer from the article. 

WRITING: my homework for my Film Production class. One of my professor’s guidelines: ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TYPED IN ORDER TO BE ACCEPTED. I will be needing a laser jet printer. The one we have in the house is about to give up a ghost…

LISTENING: to Korean OSTs by Spotify. I like listening to Korean songs even though I do not understand a thing. I love watching Korean dramas. Currently playing is “After a Long Time” Rooftop Prince OST.

THINKING: if I should apply for this wedding videographer position. It’s part time position and must be available friday to sunday. That’s a problem because I work full time monday to friday. $500/day it says. I am not going for the salary but for the experience. But that pay is good and would help me a lot financially. It just a conflict with my other work schedule. Something will come up in the future. 🙂

SMELLING: the scent of Fall? Haha fireplace aroma. 

WISHING: to buy that new Macbook Pro by the end of this month.

PRAYING: for my mom. Giving you a backstory, when she saw her surgeon he said she looked wonderful. He sent her for sonogram and the medical personel saw something. We received a call from the doctor’s office and is asking her to go see the surgeon next week for a needle biopsy of the lump. Praying for myself as well to humbly receive God’s grace during this time and to accept the strength He gives me. All for His glory.

WEARING: a longsleeve and sweatpants. It’s a little cold. There’s a tropical storm coming towards Long Island causing a cooler temperature. Or is it Fall making its way to New York and wanting its presence felt??

LOVING: my classes this semester. Im also loving that the leaves will change colors soon. Fall is my favorite season.

WANTING: to go swimming tomorrow. It’s Labor Day and no school. I hope Jen invites me to her pool. Hehe. We had bbq at her house yesterday. We did night swimming. The pool was heated and felt so good, but the moment we got out of the pool we were freezing. 

That is all for now. It’s a short post. Happy Labor Day!

In Christ, Isha

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Life Lately

I did not keep my words and I don’t feel good about it. Remember when I said I’ll be consistent with my Sunday Currently Category, obviously that did not happen. Here I am 5 months later, but give me some credits because I am CURRENTLY doing a Sunday Currently. Hehe. 
I am on a 10 day vacation (now on my 8th day) and I go back to work on wednesday. In 4 days, school starts again. Well, it’s not like I was not in school this summer. I took 3 summer sessions. School in the morning and work at night -8 hour shift Monday to Friday. I have been getting extra sleep. I was able to spend a lot of time with my parents and also to catch up with friends. 

Let me write about my Life Lately/Sunday Currently.

READING: I am about to read “The Great Gatsby”. I was in New York City with a friend and stopped by Barnes and Noble. I did not plan on buying a book because the trip to the bookstore was to only use the bathroom. Hehe. All of a sudden my friend took a fashion magazine off a shelf and sat down. I grabbed a book as well – “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. A poster of Scott Fitzgerald caught my eyes and that’s how I ended up buying the Gatsby book. $27… 

WRITING: Hmm.. I will share a snippet of this 10 day vacation through a photo collage and a short video I did of my friends when we went to a lighthouse. Not in the photo: Dad and I watched “Bourne” and enjoyed our time together eating two bags of popcorn. Haha!

L-R: 1st row – Dad and I went to the boardwalk (he ran, i rode my bike); City trip with my friends (we went on the One World Observatory just to experience it. Located on floors 100-102 of One World Trade Center. It was okay.) I STILL PREFER THE “TOP OF THE ROCK”; 2nd row – Montauk Lighthouse; after church dinner –  dumplings; and taking a break somewhere around SoHo. 

LISTENING: to Ingrid Michaelson’s new album, It Does Not Have to Make Sense. “Still the One” is on loop. There could be another (hidden) meaning behind this song, but it’s cheerful beat make me “wanna dance forever…” -With Ralph. I remember when we danced at his cousin’s wedding (who married my college best friend), we were so stiffed. Hahaha! 
We dance in the living room and we move to the beating of our blood. You are the one, I am the two. I’m still the one that’s in love with you.

THINKING: about this coming school semester and the expensive books I have to buy/rent. And where my loan is… 

SMELLING: coffee breath – mine. 

WISHING: to attend Ingrid Michaelson’s concert tour in November. I did not get to see her perform last year in Central Park. 

HOPING: for a wonderful time with Ralph in October. That makes it a year since the last time we saw each other. #longdistancerelationship 

WEARING: pajamas and ready for bed. Let’s see if I’d be able to sleep right away. Im drinking a medium iced coffee. Probably not a good idea. 

LOVING: being off and on vacation. I decided to stay and rest. I plan to go on a few trips next year. I’m saving up like crazy. My destinations: Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, and Thailand. 

WANTING: to buy a new Herschel bag for school, but I’ll save my $50 for something else like you know a textbook. Haha! I want to eat ramen from Ippudo maybe I’ll go for a short trip to NYC tomorrow. 

NEEDING: **still*** a new macbook pro. It’s not a want, it’s a need.

FEELING: Relaxed. I’m ready to go back to school. Excited. Joyful. Believe me, a few months ago I was feeling angry, but the LORD knows how to fix this heart of mine. 🙂

**An update about my Mom. She’s recovering well from her surgery. She recently saw her doctor and was told that she’s cancer free. AMEN! She had to undergo radiation therapy. Please continue keep her in your prayers. 🙂 

In Christ, Isha

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The Sunday Currently //10


Swatch watch is a Christmas gift from a very good friend. Thank you, Rhea! I love it! 🙂

READING the first book of the Lunar Chronicles series. I wanted to know what the hype is all about. I started reading the sample two weeks ago and finished it the same day. I liked it. The author is a big JRR Tolkien fan. It wasn’t a priority to buy the books even though I’d wanted my hands on them. I was putting aside some money for it. I had mentioned it to Ralph because he’s a bookworm too. I thought maybe he’d enjoy them. 

A package came the day before Christmas. Ralph had gotten me the recently released Lunar Chronicles book – book four: Winter (based on Snow White). I was so happy. I got teary eyed. Hahaha! Today, the rest of the books came -Cinder (loosely based on Cinderella), Scarlet (Little Red Riding hood), and Cress (Rapunzel). I hope they make a movie adaption. He also sent me art tools. I love this man. He knows the way to my heart. Thank you, Ralph. 🙂

WRITING I’m still working on a post about long distance relationship. I didn’t think it would take a lot of drafting. It’s getting there. 

LISTENING to a commentator. I believe he’s a detective. Forensic Files is on. It’s a favorite show of my dad and I. Bonding time.

THINKING how fleeting life is. I just learned about the passing of my friend’s dad. 

SMELLING the aroma of Snowy Pine candle. Rhea had given my parents gifts as well. Smells so good!!!

WISHING that I wasn’t a victim of fraud! I smell something fishy..

HOPING to be able to get into the classes I need for the Spring semester.

WEARING a maroon tank top and pjs.

 LOVING the books I received from my parents and Ralph. I had a four day weekend so that was very nice too.

WANTING to get into the game. I’ve been lazy. No fun. 

NEEDING discipline and determination. 

FEELING content. I had a merry Christmas with my mom and dad.

Have a great week ahead!

// Isha 

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The Sunday Currently //09


She’s chasing her. She swaddles to the left and then to the right. A little interruption from an incoming boat stops her. It frightens her but she is able to catch up to her mom. Oh, duckling.

Our hotel room is right beside a lake. It’s a beautiful view! I’m in Maryland with a few friends visiting a friend who’s in school for merchant marine. It’s his birthday also. We arrived here last night after traveling for 5 hours. 

READING: “My True Love Gave to Me” A Christmas book with 12 stories written by different authors. A reading good for the holiday. I’m thinking of reading “Lilly and Dash Book of Dares”. Has anyone here read this book?

LISTENING: to a voice from a movie character. Reese Witherspoon is in it. It’s called “The Good Lie”.

WISHING:  for a white Christmas. Hehe.

HOPING: for the piano lesson I’m teaching to be constant. Thank you, LORD, for this extra income. Thank you for the family that trusts my ability. Thank you for the talent, LORD. 🙂

FEELING: happy that I got to go with my friends for this mini get away this weekend.

I’m cutting this series short. We’re already here with the birthday celebrant. Putting my phone away. 🙂

// ishael


The Sunday Currently // 08


Sipping a cup of hot chocolate. I can feel the winter breeze. There will be some falling of snow soon…

I was the Sunday school teacher today. Funny story, I had been praying this whole week  for a story to teach and couldn’t think of one. I always ask the LORD for His Spirit to give me wisdom. He gave an answer 45 minutes before the Sunday school class started. He works that way and I’ve learned to trust His perfect timing. The kids are knowledgable of the story of Jesus birth. They know that an angel named Gabriel appeared to Joseph; and the wisemen that came from afar. The angel they know did not only appear to Joseph but also to a priest named Zacharias. Honestly, I had forgotten this miraculous story of Zacharias and Elizabeth. Gabriel gave Zacharias an amazing news. He and his wife would have a child. They called him John. He is Jesus cousin and the one who baptized him. 

So, here’s volume 8. Currently…

READING: a tutorial on’s blog. Thank God for the people who do tutorials. They are very helpful.

WRITING: and editing a post about long distance relationship. I hope to publish it soon.

LISTENING: to Christmas songs.

THINKING: of taking my handlettering seriously and maybe having a future business doing it.

SMELLING: Yankee candle firewood scent. We are buying a Christmas tree tomorrow. A fresh one. I can’t wait to smell it’s scent. I was never a fan of anything artificial.

WISHING: to get tickets to see the Rockets at Radio City Hall. My wedding anniversary gift for my parents.

WEARING: shirt and pjs.

LOVING: the Sunday school with the kids this morning. We danced to Christmas songs. And I had them guess my age. One said 17 and another girl said 33. Hahahaha!

WANTING: to buy a new MacBook Pro before the Spring semester. (need)

FEELING: excited. I’m learning new things from the tutorials I watch on YouTube. I thought I was good at Illustrator but nah. I can be better. I can be an expert.

CLICKING: through some channels.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Advent starts today. 🙂

// Ishael

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The Sunday Currently //07


Just as we were leaving for church, my wallet was nowhere to be found. You know, that little thing where you place your license and credit cards. You can’t drive without your license. I know I put it in the pocket of my jacket. My mood was calm as I searched for my wallet. My mom on the other hand was panicking. Haha! I was in charge of leading kids worship and my mom was scheduled to do the church attendance list but we didn’t make it to church. I told her it’s either God didn’t want us to leave because He was protecting us from something or I dropped it somewhere without noticing. I went for the latter since I know myself as a little clumsy. My mom and I both checked my jacket. Not once but a total of four times. Searched the whole house and inspected the inside of my car. A few hours passed, I finally found it. IT WAS INSIDE MY JACKET. Yes yes the same jacket. That jacket do have a lot of pockets, though. But but we checked. I still don’t know why we didn’t see it but I’m gonna go for the reason that God meant us to stay in the house. Thank you, LORD.

So, here’s my 7th TSC. Currently...

READING: “The Meaning of Marriage” by Tim Keller. I’ve read it before but I needed Tim’s insight again. It has a rich message basing on the Bible. I recommend it to the married ones, single, dating, engaged, to be engaged..

WRITING: letters alphabets. I’m practicing calligraphy using watercolor brush pens.

LISTENING: to “Rude” by Magic. Let me say that my father isn’t a rude person. Haha

THINKING: of emailing Press Bible and She Reads Truth. I want to know if I can send some of my devotions and photos I have taken.

SMELLING: my perfume Eclat by Lanvin.

WISHING: for myself to be more prayerful and be attentive and sensitive to the things happening around the world.

HOPING: for love to be felt especially in the most painful, difficult times. My heart breaks. the chaos and how lost people are. They need Jesus. My purpose is to express love and let them know who Love is.

WEARING: a tank top and shorts. It feels like a sauna in my room. The heater is centralized (the whole condominium.) Settings: 70. No way of changing it. Windows ajar.

LOVING: the Filipino snacks I bought.

WANTING: Glenn to be alive. The Walking Dead starts in 5…4…3…2…1

NEEDING: a massage. Muscles are so tense. Sleep. Been sleeping at 3 in the morning. Waking at 6am.

FEELING: bothered. Sad. My heart goes out for the relatives of the victims from the suicide bombings.

CLICKING: the remote. AMC the Walking Dead.

// ishael

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The Sunday Currently //06


My headache won’t go away. I don’t usually take any pain reliever but this time I just had to. The pain is finally subsiding. I know this feeling, this kind of headache comes around when I’m about to get that monthly visitor. It’s already the 2nd Sunday of November. Wow!

the Sunday currently entries linked up on siddhatorton’s website.

a short devotional essay.

to Sarah Geronimo’s voice as I am currently watching Maybe This Time.

of starting a weekly devotional entry. I thought of doing it every Sunday morning. Maybe I’ll start it off as once a week and when I get a hang out of it I’ll do it more often. From the Book

the ointment I lathered on my back and neck. Sore muscles.

I had the urge to get coffee from dunkin donuts because I haven’t had coffee all day, but I am too lazy to get out of bed.

to have a better prayer life.


Pinto Art Museum as a wedding venue. I’ve been looking at the pictures I took when I went there last year. Maybe I’ll have a destination wedding? Hehe.


Pinto Art Museum (Antipolo)

a cup of hot coffee

to drink that hot coffee I’ve been wanting.

irritable. Yah, that visitor is definitely coming. Earlier, when I woke up, I had this feeling of fear. I immediately take that thought to the Lord. Nothing fears me but flying but all these awful thoughts came rushing into my mind. I’m glad that through prayer and God’s Word we are comforted.

The weekend is almost over. It’s Monday in the Philippines and it’s my high school best friend’s birthday. Happy 28th birthday, Kathy. I love you! #15yearsoffriendship

// Ishael

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The Sunday Currently //05


I just realized that I didn’t get to publish this.

the book Not A Fan.

prayer requests on a prayer journal my mother gave me. It helps me remember the goodness of the Lord – when He hears my heart’s cry.

to Spotify “You Won’t Relent” by Misty Edwards

You won’t relent until You have it all. My heart is yours.

“how does one become a food writer/critic? ”
I love to take pictures of food and desserts, but I’d like to learn how to write comments about its taste and presentation. I give lame ones. Ugh.

my Starbucks coffee – tall, blonde. Red cup is back!

to have a slow work day. I go back to work after a 10 day vacation.

for a peaceful mind.

a hoodie, black leggings, trench coat, and Oxford shoes.

the food trip we did in New York city yesterday.

to finish off paying school bills.

extra amount of money Jesus. Jehovah Jireh!

a little overwhelmed. Mixed emotions.

the keys of my Bluetooth keyboard for iPad.

Have a good week! 🙂

// ishael

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The Sunday Currently // 04


I have an hour before midnight. I feel like a Cinderella trying to make this post published before it becomes Monday. Meanwhile, the other side of the world is not Sunday anymore. Haha

a book called Bittersweet by Shaun Niequest. My current feels but I’ve learned the hard way that change is one of God’s greatest gifts and one of his most useful tools.. It’s not something to run away from. Change is not a function of life’s cruelty but instead a function of God’s graciousness.

on my journal. I’ve been wanting to finish it so I could finally post it here. My anxiety this year has been on another level. I’d like to share to you about this current struggle and that God calms that storm in me.

to Bryan White’s song “God Gave Me You” #Aldubplaylist on Spotify

of the workshops I should be signing up for. Steady cam stabilization, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Green screen, Adobe After Effects. I think it’s more practical to go attend a workshop for one whole day than sit in a class for one semester? Watchathink

coffee breath.

for a productive week. I’m on vacation!!!

to not have another serious episode of anxiety. Why do we get anxious about little things? Oh.. ye of little faith.

the same exact shirt and shorts since Thursday. Haha #nojudging

that I’m on vacation. I need to get away away from work. The stress had been overwhelming. I’m thankful for this break and thankful for a job. But mainly the reason of taking some time off is to spend time with Ralph and his friends.image

some dresses from FOREVER21.

like ripping my hair out. I want this pounding head to go away or at least the headache to subside. Is it my sinus or overslept?

hearts on Instagram. I didn’t log in for a month.

it’s 12:01monday

// ishael

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