Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Journey.

I have been watching inspirational videos -mainly about photography and videography. Sean Tucker gives excellent personal videos about his experiences. Let me share you his words:

“When you take that leap and it’s not springtime and sunshine and flowers straight off the bat, that you won’t quit straight away, that you will keep pushing and that it’s normal. You’re going to have to push through. You have to push through the winter for a little bit. If you’re thinking of taking that leap, calibrate your expectations so you don’t just throw in the towel when the universe does not gift you with instant success.”


“Just remember if progress feels slow, it only means you’re normal. It’s slow for most of us. Learn from rejection. Make mistakes. Just make different mistakes every time. Experiment because it’s the only way you’re going to learn.”

“You will start in winter because all change does. But springtime will come you just have to ride it out until the seasons change.”