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“Preach the gospel to your weary heart, daily. When in doubt, when in seasons of sorrow, and when you have nothing left! Speak the truth of God to the parts of your life that need to be resurrected, for when we shine a light the darkness must flee.

Beloved, whatever stage of life we are at, we have but to whisper and the King will listen. Do you not know? He is always present, and our very heartbeat is a delight to Him.”

T.B. LaBerge’s words of wisdom

Sunday Currently Series

READING: The book called PresenceBRINGING YOUR BOLDEST SELF TO YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES by Amy Cuddy. She is a TED speaker. I really like this book and I recommend it. It has helped me on how to carry myself better.

WRITING: drafts for my upcoming post. It’s gonna be a good one. Hehe. I am actually writing it down on my Moleskin notebook which I have not touched in a really long time. I will then type it and publish it sometime this week.

LISTENING: to’s Holiday playlist. “It’s Christmas Time (Ba ba) by Quinn Erwin is on repeat right now.

THINKING: of buying a new camera. Thinking of saving up for a new camera. Thinking of the ways on how I could save up for the new camera

WISHING: everyone a Merry Christmas. Or in some parts of the world, I hope everyone had a wonderful time and never forget the meaning of Christmas.

PRAYING: for myself. Haha! Oh man do I need lots of prayers. I feel like I’m going through this alone… Please include me in your prayers. I greatly appreciate it.

WANTING: to go on a vacation. I’m supposed to go to Europe in February, but I currently have no vacation hours so I do not know if I’d be able to go. Vacation is actually a NEED. I am in need of a some time alone. Somewhere.


In Christ, Isha

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Vacation Mode

Thursday was my last day of school. One more semester until I graduate. Lord willing. It is such a relief to not worry about doing a homework or having to study for a quiz or an exam. Oh, and write a paper every week.

I had been sleep deprived. School was not just the reason why I was up until 2 or 3am in the morning for the past few months. I’d like to share the reasons behind my lack of posting. I plan to write once a week from now on and not just whenever I am on vacation. There’s no valid reason why I was not able to post a blog nor even do a Sunday Currently Series. It was not like I was not inspired. I had a lot to say. Believe me.

I am currently experiencing emotional pain. This season is a test of my faith and patience. I dread the night time when I know I would be in darkness; and when I lay my head I would start to cry. The verse I recite to divert my thoughts is Psalm 30:5. I was very moody – well, I still am but working on being extra patient. With a broken heart and a crushed soul, it made me even more mad. I hate this feeling. I’m exhausted and tired. It got to the point where I started to miss my old self. A comment on my fb made me realize the state I am in:

“I love seeing your happy and kind face, Yssh.”

Which I responded under my breath, “Me too.”

My friend LOVES seeing a happy face of Isha. Honestly, Isha’s not been happy nor kind. If you knew me, you would be shocked on how much I changed.

I will be very open on my next posts on what could be the reasons why I am like this. I know for a fact that my lack of time with God is one – which happens to be the most important. I have been so distant from Him that it has affected me a lot and how I treat the people around me. A concerned coworker approached me. She shared the things she noticed about me -one is how my attitude changed – She asked if i was going through something and offered a listening ear. She joked that I need a timeout. Haha! But it’s painful to hear. It’s painful when I do not treat people with kindness.

I miss Isha. I miss her.