Monthly Archives: October 2016

Sunday Currently Vol. 13

Im taking a 15 minute break from studying for my midterm exam tomorrow.

READING: my textbook Visual Storytelling: Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age

WRITING: a short film. It is for my friends (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Demafiles) Save the Date video and Prenup video. They asked me to be their videographer. It’s all about storytelling.

LISTENING: to Spotify. “Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Maranatha Music is playing. As we sing holy, holy, holy..I want to see you

THINKING: of a concept for the Save the Date. thinking of what lenses to use for the camera. thinking about the bills i have to pay. thinking ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS. haha


THINKING: of the amazing things I experienced the past couple of weeks. God listens. He hears. He inclines His ears to me – to His children. Sometimes I whisper my concerns to Him and I could see Him come closer and say ‘what’s that?’ Haha Like telling me to speak a little louder – with boldness and trust – as if He does not know what Im about to tell him. Oh Lord, you make me speechless.

Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

with Ralph

SMELLING: I currently STILL have a stuffy nose. I had a cold about two weeks ago. I haven’t fully recovered yet. My cough is still lingering. My nose is still clogged.

WISHING: to have a Sony a7sii. Haha! Don’t worry, Canon, my heart is always yours. My mind is just playing and Im playing along.

PRAYING: for a few concerning things: 1. Mommy’s continuous recovery. She had another surgery (two weeks ag0). The surgeon took out a growing cancerous lymph node. You know I don’t like to see any of my parents suffer. The Lord knows how I feel about that and He does give me an assurance that HE IS GOD and THE GREATEST PHYSICIAN. 2. My struggle with jealousy. I wrote a draft about it and one of these days I will published it. 3. My future ( profession and procession – like a bridal march ) *wink*

LOVING: my macbook pro even though I know Apple just released a new one. Loving this Fall season. NOT LOVING my allergy cough.

WANTING: to buy this Edelkrone slider and the GlidecamHD 4000. Why did I choose this profession? Because I want to spend $$$$… Haha!

15 minutes is up. I’m going back to study.

In Christ, Isha