Special time

I have to share what happened tonight. Dad and I went to the mall to look at a Macbook Pro. Guys, remember I kept talking about buying one because I really needed it. 

I did not buy it…

My Dad did.

He got it for me!!! I got a little emotional. Haha

After our visit at the Apple store we spent a few more hours at the mall. I thought we were going home right away. Dad asked if I wanted to eat at the food court. I am still feeling happy. I got to spend time with my dad, that was really special. We saw this Cafe kiosk and bought chocolate cake and tiramisu. He had a caffe americano and I had caffe latte. I wonder what time I’ll fall asleep…

The mall’s interior had a major renovation. My dad asked me to pose at some parts of the mall. I was feeling embarrassed because you know no one really poses anymore at this kind of place…but this was making Dad happy. I gave in to his request and gave a big smile n each photo. I also took photos of him. Here’s is his favorite. He really loved the Neiman Marcus building’s exterior.

Here is my favorite 



One thought on “Special time

  1. Carissa Gan says:

    Aww that’s amazing! So happy for you! Hope you’re enjoying your new laptop. I’ve been contemplating between the MacBook Pro Retina & The MacBook Air for some time now. Haha. The only reason I’m considering an Air is because it’s so light. But everyone tells me the Pro is better for videos and photos.


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