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Here’s a video I did for my coworker. She asked me to accompany her. Her daughter wanted to take her friends to a theme park. I volunteered to capture the fun with my Galaxy S6 and Zhi Yun stabilizer. Edited using Adobe Premiere.

Last year.


a gift from Ralph

I turned 29 on thursday, April 14th. This is the last year of my 20s. I still cant believe I am a year away from turning the big 3-0. Wow. Haha!

My celebration was very simple and I had a great time. I spent my birthday with my parents. They gave me a lot of gifts. Its fun being the only child. Hahaha! We went bowling and had pizza after. I asked if we could have ice cream and they delightfully granted my wish.;) I actually ended the night with buffalo wings and a drink. Thank you to my coworker who took me out. 

I was reading my journal (last year’s birthday) and it was not a good celebration. I was emotinally distress and was panic-stricken. I wasnt making any sense to my family and friends. They didnt understand me no matter how hard I tell them: “sorry for being aloof”. I lost a few people. I felt abandoned. Maybe I didnt try hard enough to explain myself or maybe they didnt want to listen to whatever I had to say. The months after were more intense. There was confusion. Some confrontation and accusations. I was in deep shock. Then I felt betrayed. But reading that awful part of my journal made me feel thankful. I know I was at fault. I realized how things have changed between April 2015 and April 2016. All I can really do is trust God. Maybe losing a few people is His plan. Doesn’t He rule over my relationships? I trust His wisdom. As I was telling you about my birthday celebration this year, I chose to stay home because I have the best friends in my parents. They wont abandon me. The fact of the matter is I am adopted. Accepted. On that day of April 14, 1987, a pastor and his wife gave me a home. God gave me a family through them. 

To my bioloigcal parents and siblings: 

Wherever you are I pray that you are all well. I am safe in the arms of the two loving people I call Mom and Dad. They accepted me into their family and I am deeply loved. They introduced me to Love. His name is Jesus. I hope and pray that you know Him too. I understand if you had to give me up for adoption. It is for my well being you said. But I thank you. No feelings of hatred. I pray for you all. My prayer to God is for us to meet. Hope.

Much love, Isha


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It has almost been a month since we were told that mom’s got cancer. Weeks before that we were going to the doctor back and forth to get an answer. “why does she feel this way? what is that lump? why isnt it going away? and now theres more.” She had a CT scan. She had ultrasound done. Blood was drawn for further testing. It was the biopsy that confirmed that she has cancer. 

All of a sudden I forgot where I get my strength from. Where is my peace? My worship has turned into worry. A wave of panic swept over me. I should be praying more so that my worry is less. I have to look at Christ to feel at rest. But I am a fallen human and I worry. I get anxious. By God’s grace I am sustained. Christ is our great healer. He is a provider. All things work together for good – for my goodness, for my mom’s goodness, and for dad’s – to those who love Him. The Holy Spirit is empowering my family. God takes care of His children. He made a promise. And when I am faithless, He remains faithful.

Dear friends, my mother’s surgery will be on the 27th of April. I am asking for your prayers. I appreciate it very much.

Much love, Isha