The Journey.

I have been watching inspirational videos -mainly about photography and videography. Sean Tucker gives excellent personal videos about his experiences. Let me share you his words:

“When you take that leap and it’s not springtime and sunshine and flowers straight off the bat, that you won’t quit straight away, that you will keep pushing and that it’s normal. You’re going to have to push through. You have to push through the winter for a little bit. If you’re thinking of taking that leap, calibrate your expectations so you don’t just throw in the towel when the universe does not gift you with instant success.”


“Just remember if progress feels slow, it only means you’re normal. It’s slow for most of us. Learn from rejection. Make mistakes. Just make different mistakes every time. Experiment because it’s the only way you’re going to learn.”

“You will start in winter because all change does. But springtime will come you just have to ride it out until the seasons change.”

Early Birthday Gift

You can barely see it but my smile is from ear to ear. There is a glimpse of my dimple, though. ūüôā 

My desk has a lamp, two books, and a MacBook Pro. I keep it uncluttered. When I went into my room last night I saw a plastic bag, but it was still dark so I was could hardly see what it was and why it was there. But I was certainly sure I did not leave anything on my table when I left. To my surprise, there it was, the Canon 80D. Its the camera I’ve been eyeing but definitely not praying for – price is about $$$$. Haha! 

My parents knew I was planning on buying a new camera. They knew I was quite anxious to get a new one as soon as possible but budget was tight. They were aware that I needed a replacement. The 80D is expensive so I did not even bother but did hope a little. My parents went and got it for me. I would have stopped them if I was there. See, my parents are exceedingly kind. Im not saying this because they gave me a camera but they really are nice and lovely. They love to give and spread joy. They portray Jesus – a giver. Im blessed to have them. I will always be thankful that they are my adoptive parents. 

Mommy and Daddy, 

Maraming salamat po sa regalo nyo. Sa totoo lang,  hindi ko kayang tanggapin dahil ayaw ko na gumagastos kayo ng malaking pera. Hindi man tayo mayaman pero naiibigay nyo ang kailangan ko at kung ano ang magpapaligaya sa akin. Salamat po sa pagmamahal nyo at pagaaruga sa akin. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo. 


I opened the box and prayed over it. I want it to be used for God’s glory. Sometimes we get busy doing things for our little kingdom, but there is a bigger kingdom and that is God’s. I prayed that God will give my projects where I can use this new camera – local or international. I mostly do videos and Im excited to use this camera for storytelling. I decided to go on a missions trip in May under Adventures in Missions. Its a 6 day trip in Chicago. I am very excited about it! ūüôā 

I have not taken pictures with my new camera because Im waiting for my parents so we can take a selfie! ūüôā 

In Christ, 


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What is Time?

Please put on your headphones/earphones. Put volume on high. God be praised!

<p><a href=”″>Time // a short film</a> from <a href=”″>ILDG</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

What is Time?’ is a reflective poem by Pastor Paul Tripp. All credits belong to him.

I looked up the definition of time.
1. the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.
2. a point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon.
Time, we think of numbers. Collecting watches is my weakness. My mom asked me why I have more than 10 when they all do the same job: TELL TIME. Time is anticipating something: when to wake up, clocking out of work, the arrival of a bus, the time of a favorite TV show, the surgery time, and sometimes the remaining moments we might have here on earth.
As a follower of Christ, time is in HIs hands. Time for God is beautiful. He makes all things beautiful in His time. He does not want us to worry about tomorrow. He only knows when to take us out of a season because His timing is perfect. My time here on earth is under His powerful hands. He sent His son Jesus during the time when Herod was king, but because He knew it was the right time for him to be born. He says to not remember the former things, the things of old. And that He will come like a thief in the night. Jesus is coming back. I anticipate His coming back. While I am still here on earth, I will trust His perfect will.
Music: “Days Are Long” – royalty free music from youtube
Camera: Galaxy S7 Edge flat profile
Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Voiceover: Myself (It was my first time to record using Adobe Premiere’s voiceover)
Poem: “What is Time?” by Paul Tripp
We think so much of
times past
things to come.
We deal with so much
regret of the past
fear of the future
confusion in the present.
For us
time passes quickly
we miss a moment
days drag on.
anticipate what’s coming
hold on to what’s gone.
holds us
molds us
controls us.
God knows no time
never expects
never regrets
no looking forward
no glancing back
no surprises
no mysteries
nothing unexpected.
God dwells in an
eternal now.
All that he is
he has forever been
and will forever be.
With him there is no
He is security’s foundation
time’s sovereign.
In a world where
everything is ever
He is a rock of
eternal hope.
// idle
Better with headphones/earphones ūüôā

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

This whole time I thought I posted this.

It is always interesting to watch how the world celebrates the new year. Isn’t it fascinating that the we do¬†not ring the new year all at once, at the same time? People uploaded photos of delicious food, their OOTD,¬†their houses adorned with NYE decorations,¬†“2017” sunglasses,¬†supplies they spent a good amount of money on, and crazy videos of the countdown – with a lot of hashtags I did not bother to read. haha!¬†A lot of people posted on Facebook how ready they’re for 2017, how it’s going to be the best year -I applaud you for being positive. Some remembered 2016 as a great year -I am happy that you had a great year. A few thanked the things they experienced last year -the good and the bad (a thankful hear is good medicine).¬†Others complained¬†how 2016 sucked. If I were to post what was on my mind, I would have written the latter. I would¬†not even include myself to the few who were thankful. It was not a great year for me.¬†I did not enjoy 2016 because I did not choose to enjoy it. My heart was not grateful. I was miserable. My walk with God became stagnant. I did not invest in people. I was not myself. Thankfully,¬†God is ¬†ALWAYS gracious to this Filipina.

-i just touched the screen and scrolled up thinking it was an iPad. haha-

I decided to take a break from social media – Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been spending a lot of time going out with my parents, reading books, exercising, and editing videos. The unplugging is helping me a lot and¬†I’ve got joy down in my heart.

The thing is, I want my heart to be freed of bitterness and be ruled by gratitude. To be thankful was something I did not do. I probably complained a lot about what happened in 2016 (and 2015). I got busy preventing those things to never happen again because it hurt like crazy. The walls I built made me happy, but they did not make me feel fulfilled. I was afraid to let new people into my life, into my heart. I became hesitant to share details of my life. But I remember the beauty of being vulnerable. My prayer this year is to be able to invest genuinely in people like how I used to. I want to meet new friends. First and foremost, to thank God for every relationship He gives me. I want to be thankful for what it brings me Рjoy and heartache.

When we focus on the bitter things in life, we won’t be able to taste the sweetness it also has. I am better now. Thank you to my support system – the ones who experienced the not so good side of me: my parents. Thank you, LORD, for your abounding grace and mercy.

I want to give thanks FOR EVERYTHING.

In Christ, Isha



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Save the Date video 

About two months ago I did my very first Save the Date video. The couple are good friends of mine. They asked me to make the video extra special – to have their fury friend, Leo, included. This dog is showered with love and I am glad that he ended up in the hands of caring “parents”. 

This is the finished product. I hope you find the time to watch it. Also, kindly leave me an honest resp0nse. ūüôā 

“Preach the gospel to your weary heart, daily. When in doubt, when in seasons of sorrow, and when you have nothing left! Speak the truth of God to the parts of your life that need to be resurrected, for when we shine a light the darkness must flee.

Beloved, whatever stage of life we are at, we have but to whisper and the King will listen. Do you not know? He is always present, and our very heartbeat is a delight to Him.”

T.B. LaBerge’s words of wisdom

Sunday Currently Series

READING: The book called PresenceBRINGING YOUR BOLDEST SELF TO YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES by Amy Cuddy. She is a TED speaker. I really like this book and I recommend it. It has helped me on how to carry myself better.

WRITING:¬†drafts for my upcoming post. It’s gonna be a good one. Hehe. I am actually writing it down on my Moleskin notebook which I have not touched in a really long time. I will then type it and publish it sometime this week.

LISTENING:¬†to’s Holiday playlist. “It’s Christmas Time (Ba ba) by Quinn Erwin is on repeat right now.

THINKING: of buying a new camera. Thinking of saving up for a new camera. Thinking of the ways on how I could save up for the new camera

WISHING: everyone a Merry Christmas. Or in some parts of the world, I hope everyone had a wonderful time and never forget the meaning of Christmas.

PRAYING:¬†for myself. Haha! Oh man do I need lots of prayers. I feel like I’m going through this alone… Please include me in your prayers. I greatly appreciate it.

WANTING:¬†to go on a vacation. I’m supposed to go to Europe in February, but I currently have no vacation hours so I do not know if I’d be able to go. Vacation is actually a NEED. I am in need of a some time alone. Somewhere.


In Christ, Isha

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Vacation Mode

Thursday was my last day of school. One more semester until I graduate. Lord willing. It is such a relief to not worry about doing a homework or having to study for a quiz or an exam. Oh, and write a paper every week.

I had been sleep deprived. School was not just the reason why I was up until 2 or 3am in the morning for the past few months.¬†I’d like to share the reasons behind my lack of posting. I plan¬†to write once a week from now on and not just whenever I am on vacation. There’s no valid reason why I was not able to post a blog nor even do a Sunday Currently Series. It was not like I was not inspired. I had a lot to say. Believe me.

I am currently experiencing emotional pain. This season is a test of my faith and patience. I dread the night time when I know I would be in darkness; and when I lay my head I would start to cry. The verse I recite to divert my thoughts is Psalm 30:5. I was very moody – well, I still am but working on being extra patient. With a broken heart and a¬†crushed soul, it made me even more mad. I hate this feeling. I’m exhausted and tired.¬†It got to the point where I started to miss¬†my old self. A comment on my fb made me realize the state I am in:

“I love seeing your happy and kind face, Yssh.”

Which I responded under my breath, “Me too.”

My friend LOVES seeing a happy face of Isha. Honestly, Isha’s not been happy nor kind. If you knew me, you would be shocked on how much I changed.

I will be very open on my next posts on what could be the reasons why I am like this. I know for a fact that my lack of time with God is one – which happens to be the most important. I have been so distant from Him that it has affected me a lot and how I treat the people around me. A concerned coworker approached me. She shared the things she noticed about me -one is how¬†my attitude changed –¬†She asked if i was going through something and offered¬†a listening ear.¬†She joked that I need a timeout. Haha! But it’s painful to hear. It’s painful when I do not treat people¬†with kindness.

I miss Isha. I miss her.



Sunday Currently Vol. 13

Im taking a 15 minute break from studying for my midterm exam tomorrow.

READING: my textbook Visual Storytelling: Videography and Post Production in the Digital Age

WRITING:¬†a short film. It is for my friends (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Demafiles) Save the Date video and Prenup video. They asked me to be their videographer. It’s all about storytelling.

LISTENING:¬†to Spotify. “Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Maranatha Music is playing. As we sing holy, holy, holy..I want to see you

THINKING: of a concept for the Save the Date. thinking of what lenses to use for the camera. thinking about the bills i have to pay. thinking ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS. haha


THINKING: of the amazing things I experienced the past couple of weeks. God listens. He hears. He inclines His ears to me – to His children. Sometimes I whisper my concerns to Him and I could see Him come closer and say ‘what’s that?’ Haha Like telling me to speak a little louder – with boldness and trust – as if He does not know what Im about to tell him. Oh Lord, you make me speechless.

Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

with Ralph

SMELLING:¬†I currently STILL have a stuffy nose. I had a cold about two weeks ago. I haven’t fully recovered yet. My cough is still lingering. My nose is still clogged.

WISHING:¬†to have a Sony a7sii. Haha! Don’t worry, Canon, my heart is always yours. My mind is just playing and Im playing along.

PRAYING:¬†for a few concerning things: 1. Mommy’s continuous recovery. She had another surgery (two weeks ag0). The surgeon took out a growing cancerous lymph node. You know I don’t like to see any of my parents suffer. The Lord knows how I feel about that and He does give me an assurance that HE IS GOD and THE GREATEST PHYSICIAN. 2. My struggle with jealousy. I wrote a draft about it and one of these days I will published it. 3. My future ( profession and procession – like a bridal march ) *wink*

LOVING: my macbook pro even though I know Apple just released a new one. Loving this Fall season. NOT LOVING my allergy cough.

WANTING:¬†to buy this Edelkrone slider and the GlidecamHD 4000. Why did I choose this profession? Because I want to spend $$$$… Haha!

15 minutes is up. I’m going back to study.

In Christ, Isha



Special time

I have to share what happened tonight. Dad and I went to the mall to look at a Macbook Pro. Guys, remember I kept talking about buying one because I really needed it. 

I did not buy it…

My Dad did.

He got it for me!!! I got a little emotional. Haha

After our visit at the Apple store we spent a few more hours at the mall. I thought we were going home right away. Dad asked if I wanted to eat at the food court. I am still feeling happy. I got to spend time with my dad, that was really special. We saw this Cafe kiosk and bought chocolate cake and tiramisu. He had a caffe americano and I had caffe latte. I wonder what time I’ll fall asleep…

The mall’s interior had a major renovation. My dad asked me to pose at some parts of the mall. I was feeling embarrassed because you know no one really poses anymore at this kind of place…but this was making Dad happy. I gave in to his request and gave a big smile n each photo. I also took photos of him. Here’s is his favorite. He really loved the Neiman Marcus building’s exterior.

Here is my favorite